Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Fever = Prayers!

Ok so this October Shane and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary as Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes. I told him when we got married I atleast wanted to wait 2 years before babies...He has NOT forgotten. He also told me he wanted kids by 30....May 5, is D-day!! He informed me about 6 months ago it was time....I had a slight (ok major- light headed, dizzy, nauseated, call my mom, lock myself in bathroom) freak out session. We decided I should come to terms with this first. Now I am KIND of getting baby fever.....looking at nurseries always pumps me up. These are the ones I have found tonight...

I am loving this girly decor!! This is simply beautiful and its not TOO could easily convert it to a "big girl" room.
This is probably my favorite. I think this room could be a unisex room..thoughts??? I love the crib.

BTW....I am NOT pregnant!

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