Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Fever = Prayers!

Ok so this October Shane and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary as Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes. I told him when we got married I atleast wanted to wait 2 years before babies...He has NOT forgotten. He also told me he wanted kids by 30....May 5, is D-day!! He informed me about 6 months ago it was time....I had a slight (ok major- light headed, dizzy, nauseated, call my mom, lock myself in bathroom) freak out session. We decided I should come to terms with this first. Now I am KIND of getting baby fever.....looking at nurseries always pumps me up. These are the ones I have found tonight...

I am loving this girly decor!! This is simply beautiful and its not TOO could easily convert it to a "big girl" room.
This is probably my favorite. I think this room could be a unisex room..thoughts??? I love the crib.

BTW....I am NOT pregnant!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Story of my life....

This was me this morning....
Ok so I was passed out under different circumstances but this is definitely what I looked like! My day starts off by going to the hospital for some bloodwork. You have to fast for 12 hours (not so good for someone who HAS to have breakast). After giving blood I tell the poor lady I don't feel good and she said "look at me," I proceeded to tell her I saw three of her and then I could only make out shadows. The next thing I know I look up and there are about 10 nurses surrounding me, screaming at me to wake up, and shaking me! I was concerned with getting to work! ha I would not come to, so they took ALL DIGNITY I HAD LEFT, and put me on a stretcher tilted me upside down and wheeled me to the ER in front of everyone in the lobby...oh yeah how embarrassing! My blood pressure remained 75/50 (dead) and my heart rate was 43 (again, dead), for about 30 minutes. Therefore they kept me, ran more tests (drew more blood), and gave me a bag of I have to go back tomorrow because they didn't get all the blood they needed....OH I LOVE LIFE! HA HA

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ash and Sam's Engagement Party....part one

Here are some pretty tame pics from Ashley and Sam's engagement party that Alli B sent me! I forgot my camera charger!!! Here is a pic of Erin, myself, Ashley, and Alli. This is is right after Ashley gave us our precious, will you be my bridesmaid gifts, a bottle of wine with a label that said, "will you be my bridesmaid?" and a picture of her and Sam and the wedding date!
On the ride back from Gainesville an arm wrestling competition broke out in the limo. For some reason I thought I could take on Taylor...he even let me use 2 hands and I lost in like 10 seconds! Talk about a blow to the ego...I will be training super hard to be ready for our next match.

Thanks for the candid Alli!

More to come when Ash emails me the pics from her camera!

Monday, August 16, 2010

I ain't as good as I once was...

This weekend was one of my best friend Ashley's first engagement party in Gainesville! Erin Cauley and I drove up to Athens on Saturday to have a night with the couple and our friends. Sam rented a stretch hummer limo for all of us so you can imagine it got CRAZY!! After being depressed about not being in college anymore the liquid anti depressant started rolling around 3 pm! This is us in the limo.. This is us after the party at oh around 3:15, leaving nowhere, heading to Little Italy to late night....can you say we had FUN!

After we went to bed (at 6:15 am), we woke up around 11:30 feeling chipper! The only thing that could make me feel better was Last you guessed it, I woke everyone up forced them to get dressed and to Last Resort we went! We all looked beautiful and I felt real good when all the sorority girls came in looking so cute in their black for pref day. They were all going crazy about their Pledge Class and rush and for a second I missed rush (that quickly faded).... Last Resort was amazing as always..I had shrimp and grits.

More pictures from the weekend will follow (after some editing)..After this weekend I truly get that Toby Keith song "I aint as good as I once was" !

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Ok so I know that not many people read this blog but for the few of you who do PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go and vote for Crisp County High School! We are trying to be one of the top 20 schools for the Kohl's Cares giveaway. They are giving away $500,000.00 to the top 20 schools who get the most votes. All you have to do is go to this link and vote for Crisp County. Everyone gets four votes a piece. Please tell EVERYONE you know! Thanks!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I have an obsession...with VAMPIRES!

Ok so its been 10 days since I have blogged but with school starting back I have been SUPER busy! Another thing keeping me sidetracked....The Sookie Stackhouse Novels! Before I got married back in August of 2008, I began watching the HBO show Trueblood....I was instantly hooked. After getting married Shane and I went a year without HBO. I swore to never miss another Trueblood season! So this season started with a kind of sucky....literally! No its awesome. Here is the poster... After mentioning to someone that I loved the show they told me the show was based off books! OMG....I bought them like two days later! I bought the first 8 and haven't stopped since. If you love twilight but want a little more action, these are the books for you. They are by Charlaine Harris and the first one is Dead Until Dark...

These are some pics of the main characters! This is Sookie and Bill, after reading the books I am very disappointed in Mr. Bill Compton.

Here is the other HOT vamp, Eric Northman, in the show he may not be the good guy but in the book...lets just say...I am in LOVE!

Let me know if you want to borrow the books!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Great new recipe

School is back in session...:( ...which means I have to prepare my lunch daily. I usually eat tuna or a sandwich (BORING). While picking up packaged tuna at Wal-Mart on Saturday I saw a pretty picture of the tuna with some peppers and black beans...and to my surprise the recipe was on the back. After reading the recipe I bought MOST of the ingredients and added some extra of my own. I got home, whipped it up in no time, and to my surprise it is AWESOME! It is great on a bed of lettuce, on a cracker, I even put it on my tacos last night!

Here is the quick and easy recipe:

2 packages of 2.6 ounce Starkist tuna
1 diced red bell pepper
1 diced yellow bell pepper
1/2 diced red onion
1 diced green onion (I did not put this in my recipe)
1 can black beans (drained)
1 can southwestern style corn ( I added this in)
1/4 cup canola oil
2 tbsp cumin
some squirts of lime juice

Mix the canola oil and cumin separately, then pour on top of the other and mix. Refrigerate and serve!
It doesn't look as pretty here....but its good, I promise!