Monday, March 21, 2011

Della's Puppies!

Last Sunday my Della had her puppies!! She had 7 beautiful babies, one boy and 6 girls. Most of them are chocolate but there are 2 that look like they will be silver. I don't have good pictures on my camera but this is what i have. Here are the first 3 born.
This picture makes me smile! Della developed mastitis and would not feed the pups so I am having to bottle feed them. Since I have to feed them every 3 hours I have to take them to work! Good thing I teach science and I can use this as part of my "lesson." Here they are in their bag at work.

For those of you who don't know what puppies look like right when they are it is! This is of course after the sac is torn....not so cute!

This is poor Della during delivery. She sat in my lap the whole time. Shane is pretty convinced after all I had to do that I should have become a vet. Della did nothing for the pups like she was supposed to and if we had not of been there they would have all died, including her. Poor thing!

More cuteness to come soon!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

He went to....TIFFANY!

Not Shane, Shawn did!! My brother in law proposed today to my future sister in law Dannielle,and I could not be more excited. I could not get a good picture of the ring but it is a gorgeous princess cut solitaire set in platinum...and yes he really went to Tiffany! Here is a picture of all of us after they told!
The happy couple!

As she was telling me....sooo exciting! Let the wedding planning begin.

Monday, March 7, 2011

My memphis!

A few weeks ago my friend Sunny (who is a wonderful photographer) snapped a few candids of me and my baby boy! The picture quality is so good and I just loved the moments that she captured.
Here is one of Memphis and I singing....he is so smart :) He is loving on his mommy!!

Kisses for mommy...
and my absolute favorite....he was giving me a hug and Sunny caught us both looking at just the right time! This is a framer. If you need a good photographer let me know, Sunny Lee, is awesome!

I will post some of Della soon. She is about to have puppies and would rather me wait and put up pictures of her once she loses the baby weight! Happy Monday.