Friday, December 16, 2011

2 months!

My little man was 2 months old on December 4th! I cannot believe how fast he is growing and how in love I am with him. We were going to put him in the chair and have him in his white onesie to take this picture but his daddy didn't want to bother him so we just propped the sticker on his chest. Isn't he adorable??
Jude, this month you have experienced a lot! You had your first Thanksgiving and met all of you mama and daddy's family. You picked out your first Christmas Tree and started smiling all the time. You LOVE to eat and are eating about every 2 to 3 hours. You had to go to the emergency room this month because of your tummy. They put you on prevacid for acid reflux and you are much better. You weighed 10.8 pounds at your two month check up and you are growing faster than average :). You got your first set of shots at two months and I don't know who cried harder you or your mommy! I was heartbroken and wanted to hurt that nurse (even though she did a great job). I have learned what love really is and I spoil you daily. You smile at me every morning and you just stare at daddy. You still LOVE bathtime and we bathe you every night. Here are some pictures of your 2nd month.
Sitting in my Daddy's lap! How cute am I?

With my Great-Great-Grandaddy Jones! He is 93 and still brings me fresh vegetables from his garden.

My first Christmas Tree! It is 10 and 1/2 feet tall. Once Mama decorated it I LOVED the lights.

Me at Thanksgiving. I loved all the attention and my Nana loved showing me off.

Mommy and Daddy with me at my first Rhodes' Thanksgiving.

My Bogey loves me and watches over me all the time.

I was dedicated to the church this month too! Whew I was busy.

I am enjoying spending every waking moment with my little man and I have spoiled him rotten. I can't wait until Christmas!