Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jude 4 months

I definitely missed my "update tomorrow" deadline! So now that Jude is asleep and he just celebrated his 6 month birthday I will upload his 4 month pictures! Jude was 4 months on March 4th and he hit a lot of milestones that month. Here he is semi-sitting up. I know he is just precious so please refrain from squeezing your computer screen! :)His 1st cousins Myles and Jackson spent the night with us and had to have their picture made with Jude Ellis. They absolutely adore him and love holding and playing with him. I remember this morning like it was yesterday. Myles and Jack woke up and crawled in the bed with Shane, Jude, and I and we played and played. Jack finally said "JJ will you fix us some cheese toast?" While I fixed cheese toast they took Jude back to their room so Uncle Shane could sleep longer and "baby sat" all by theirselves. I love those two!Mama with her sweet boy....look at those blue eyes!
Valentine's day! I can almost sit up! During months 3-4 Jude's reflux got so much better and we stopped his prevacid. He weighed 14 pounds and was 25 inches at his check up. He is almost ready for cereal but mama is holding off until closer to 6 months. He is laughing out loud and smiles constantly. He is the sweetest baby ever!