Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wow..3,4,5 months!

I have officially been a terrible blogger...this is my first blog in 3 MONTHS!! I have been super busy with my little fella, work, and school. I am the crazy woman who is back in school getting my 6 year, while trying to work, and raise a baby (all while solely breastfeeding!). I wouldn't trade it for a second though.
My little Jude is 5 months old but I am going to update each night on the past 3 months. Here are some of his 3 month pictures. He started sitting "propped up" at three months and smiling CONSTANTLY! He has won our entire hearts.

Jude and Daddy on the couch Jan. 2nd. How precious!

This month mommy had to go back to work and was not looking forward to it (I will talk about that next blog). I grew so much this month and I still look like my daddy. I am still eating every 2 hours and mommy is strictly breastfeeding so sleep is a thing of the past! Here I am on my 3 month birthday...Jan 4.

I have such a cute personality and I love everybody! I smile all the time and I think my mommy and daddy are hilarious.

I have a feeling I am going to get my way a lot as long as I flash this smile to the lady with the long dark hair!

Being a mom is absolutely incredible! I can't imagine my life without my little man and I have learned to never say never! I said so many things I would not do with my child but boy does God have sense of humor!! Stay tuned for more pics and his 4 month update tomorrow.