Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ash and Sam's Engagement Party....part one

Here are some pretty tame pics from Ashley and Sam's engagement party that Alli B sent me! I forgot my camera charger!!! Here is a pic of Erin, myself, Ashley, and Alli. This is is right after Ashley gave us our precious, will you be my bridesmaid gifts, a bottle of wine with a label that said, "will you be my bridesmaid?" and a picture of her and Sam and the wedding date!
On the ride back from Gainesville an arm wrestling competition broke out in the limo. For some reason I thought I could take on Taylor...he even let me use 2 hands and I lost in like 10 seconds! Talk about a blow to the ego...I will be training super hard to be ready for our next match.

Thanks for the candid Alli!

More to come when Ash emails me the pics from her camera!

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  1. Cute Dress and i love the white box in your hand!!!