Thursday, December 30, 2010

New York!

On December 16th, my sister in law and I made a trip to NYC. I have been before but it was her first trip. Thanks to some help and suggestions by Hollie, we had a fully packed trip! We stayed at the W Hotel Times Square and it was very nice and convenient. On our first day we jumped straight into sight seeing and our first stop was Top of the Rock. It was awesome. We also went to lunch at BECCO, amazing italian place that I found on Trip Advisor. We order the pre fixe menu pasta. This was all you can eat salad and 3 different types of pasta....amazing! Here is us in Times Square (sorry I didn't rotate the pictures first!).

The famous Radio City Music Hall!!

On the first night we went to see Promises, Promises with Kristen Chenowith, Sean Hayes, and Molly Shannon. The show was AMAZING, but the experience was even better. During intermission I went to throw away my Reese cup trash and while looking for a trash can I asked a lady if she knew where one was. I saw her little boy and thought he was precious! I rubbed his head and told her how cute he was, only to look up and realize I was talking to Sarah Jessica Parker!! I almost died. She was so nice and thought my accent was hilarious. Her husband Matthew Broderick came up and he was socially awkward to say the least. I wanted to scream out "hey ferris" the whole time I was standing there. So to say the least after my first day in NYC my trip was complete. Here I am with my sippy cup of wine. I didn't get a pic of her on my camera, only on my cell phone....sorry! Its on my facebook page if you want to see her!

This is Macy's all dressed up for Pretty! So pretty and SO big, I was totally overwhelmed by 9 stories of shoppers bliss.

9th floor of Macy's was Christmas decorations and it was beautiful. I wish someone would come decorate my house like this....wishful thinking.
Inside Bergdorf Goodman....where no pictures were allowed. I love this store only because I walk in and watch people who shop there and wonder what their husbands do...Shane needs to find this out too.

St. Patrick's Cathedral. They were having their Christmas program the night we went in for a visit. It was awesome and very surreal to experience a ceremony in the church.

At the end of night one, we went to dinner at Nobu in Tribeca and it was wonderful. Jenny recommended the Yellowtail with Jalepeno and it was delish. We also had shrimp tempura and sea bass..yummy! This was also when we learned to use the subway. After we learned this we used it everyday......I felt like a real New Yorker.

Us starting off day 2!

First stop, every woman's dream...Dylan's Candy Bar. I got lost in here, and gained a few pounds too!

A three story candy store....can I move in??

After Dylan's we went to Serendipity which is right down the street! So cute and great coffee.

Next up....Central Park.

After that we went on a tour of NYC and stopped in SoHo, Greenwich Village, Ground Zero, Wall Street, Canal Street, and China Town. The pictures from all of those stops were blurry, I was frozen!
That night we ate at Blue Fin, the restaurant at the W. Simply fabulous. After dinner we ran into the Naked Cowboy..and then had makeovers at MAC!

Day 3...more shopping. Fao Scharwz , Tiffany, Cartier, Bloomingdales, and more. After shopping ALL day we went to Magnolia bakery for some goodies and I must say...I like South Georgia cupcakes much much better. We then went to Madam Tussauds!
Janis of my favorites of all time!

This was a little shocking. A girl I did pageants with, Kandice Pelletier, was the rockette wax figure in Madam Tussauds. How funny???

J. Lo is much smaller in person and her butt is not THAT big!

Yao Ming...WHOA!
The big Tree at Rockafeller Center. On the day we got there Maria Menunos was ice skating in the rink in front of the tree! We didn't see her though, only heard all the commotion.

On the last night we went to the movies and saw Black Swan, it was phenomenal and I highly recommend it! I hope you enjoyed my pictures...happy New Year!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

What did Santa bring?

Ok so this post has no pictures, but I want to know what everyone's favorite gift was for Christmas! I will say that I was a good girl (and my husband was a GREAT husband) I got the nookcolor (my favorite....I recommend it for anyone), flowerbomb, and a gift card for the Michael Kors watch! Three out of four "ain't" bad. I know a lot of you are readers like me and if you are looking for an awesome E-reader, the nook color is amazing. It's basically a tablet for a fraction of the price.
Ok so what was your favorite gift this year????

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My adopted children!

Most of you know that I teach high school, and I do love my job! My family and I have adopted some of my students and we are trying our hardest to show them what life is like outside of Cordele. We have watched them grow and change so much in the past few months and have enjoyed every minute of it! They go to church with us every Sunday and love playing with my nieces and nephews (and riding the golf cart!). A few Fridays ago I wanted to take them out of town to eat and teach them how to use manners, etc. Another teacher wanted to go too! We told them that we were taking them to Albany to eat and they were thrilled. One of them later came and told me that he had never been to a restaurant where you had waitresses, I was so shocked because I never imagined that. Below are some pictures of our night. We took them to Little Tokyo in Albany and they were amazed that your food was cooked right in front of you. I did not warn them about the fire, they all threw themselves back and yelled "whoa!" They were eager to see what was ahead after this.
Here is the crew, Michael, Van, Taz, and Curtis (standing). They had never eaten japanese food and they LOVED it! I even got them to try sushi (not so good!).

Here is when Michael had just tried sushi and Van was trying Wasabi. SO funny!

This is Mrs. Fields and I with our "babies!" If you can't tell they TOWER over us but they are still our babies. My husband, better known as "Mr. Shane" was along for the trip and finally realized why I teach. He understood how I get so attached to the kids and for the first time realized how much we take for granted. These students have taught me so much about life and I am truly grateful that God has placed me in the teaching profession. If you ever have a chance to mentor someone please take the time to do it. No matter if they are in elementary, middle, high school you really can make a difference!

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Christmas list!!!

This is the first year in a LONG time that I actually made a Christmas wishlist, and I LOVED it! At the top of my list was for Shane to build a storage shed so he can put all his hunting, fishing, and golfing stuff in it and out of my guest bedrooms :). This is going to take a Christmas miracle but I BELIEVE. The second item on my list was an Xbox Kinect, but I couldn't wait until Christmas so I bought it about a month ago (its great!). These are the items left on my list that I REALLY REALLY want. 1. The Barnes & Noble Nook (like the Kindle but I like it better). 2.) Flower Bomb perfume....I am obsessed!

3.) This watch or the one below in Rose Gold, I love the Rose Gold!

4.) And just in case my husband decides to be AWFUL, INCREDIBLY, UNBELIEVABLY sweet I would love a new one of these....the medium size is what I prefer.

5.) I wished that everyone would do something nice for those in need during the holiday season and remember why we celebrate Christmas!
I am very grateful for the life that the Lord has blessed me with and I hope all of you are too!
God Bless and Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Start spreading the news....

I'm leaving today!!..Not really, I am leaving tomorrow. I can't wait to see all the bright lights of the city. I want to see lady liberty! Score awesome deals in Times Square...and see all the Christmas Lights!

And hopefully run into the Real Housewives, I think I may pay Jill's fabric store a visit!

I will post pics when I get back!
Have a great week.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Last Sunday Shane and I went to get our Christmas Tree! Of course we took our babies and I took some snapshots of the tree choosing process.
This is one of my favorite pictures ever, its got all of my favorites in it! Memphis and Della are ready to go! They didn't like any of the trees in that section!

Finally, our perfect tree!
I will add some decorated pics later! I hope all of you have a happy weekend.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I bringing 80s back!

This weekend my friend Kelley had her husband a 30th birthday party with an 80s theme. We were all so pumped about it and went all out for our outfits (Goodwill here we come!). I was really scared that everyone would not dress up....but not ONE person did not get out their 80s gear (including the parents). We had an amazing time laughing at everyone and dancing the night away to Tiffani and Debbie Gibson...
I think this may be my Christmas card...can you spot Chester the molester???
Ok so Shane and Lee got so into the dress up night they actually grew mustaches! Their costumes were pretty awesome and everyone kept telling Lee that he looked like a creepy child molester. So in perfect Lee fashion, he walked around all night giving all the ladies hershey kisses!

Can you say HOT!

The best dressed female costume is coming soon......

Friday, December 3, 2010

Stella and Dot

Last night I went to my very first Stella and Dot party. I heard about Stella and Dot a year ago when a friend of mine asked me to be a Stella and Dot representative. I politely turned her down after looking at the prices of the jewelry and the fact that I live in WILCOX, COUNTY! A friend had a party last night and I bought a couple of Christmas gifts and some things for myself!!

I bought some charm necklaces like these for some special ladies for Christmas (and one for myself!).

I also bought this because I just loved it! I saw the jewelry bag and green earrings from Hollie's previous blog post and I wanted them both so bad, but after the "stylist" totalled me up I was ALL SPENT OUT!! Maybe I can save up and by next year go to another Stella and Dot party, ha.
Hope you all are having a happy Friday.