Friday, May 27, 2011

I made a decision...finally!

I finally decided on ONE nursery for my inspiration. I kept coming back to this nursery and I just LOVE it. I love that it will fit with my home and I won't even have to paint. Now its on to finding the pattern and getting the stuff made. I can only imagine how much time I will be spending in my room, that will hopefully look awfully similar. This nursery was designed by Angie Hranowsky. I am tempted to call her up and ask her all about the fabric.

Now its time to start the purchasing!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nursery Nursery Nursery

All I can think about lately is, "how in the world will I decorate this nursery?" I was going to get my dear friend Hollie to find out the sex, decorate, and lock the door but I don't want to put too much pressure on her. I began looking up gender neutral nurseries and this is what I have found.
Cute Gray and yellow but it is a little dark..... This one I LOVE the bedding is Serena and Lily which I am obsessed with. I just feel like this is almost too boyish.

I just love how bright and clean it looks, although at my house with 2 dogs clean and bright is not usually happening!

If you know of any good ideas send them my way! I will be 20 weeks this Sunday so I am almost halfway there, October can not get here fast enough.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two down, five to go.

Last week I gave two puppies away...Orange and Red. It was one of the hardest things ever. I cried and cried. Here are some pictures of my babies that are now someone else's.

This is red during my crying session.

This is pink, we still have her and she is a MESS! Let me know if you want a lab puppy. We have 3 left.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I wanna be like Mike...Mike Browning that is!

Don't you just love my title! I will have to say that I have some of the best friends in the world and one of my favorites is Mrs. Hollie Hill! She is so creative and genuine and loves to help make other people happy. I am not a decorator by any means but she is right there to help me. This weekend she and her family got the headboard for my guestroom done and all I could do was stand there and watch in amazement hoping that I could one day be that creative and crafty!

Here is the crafty lady herself with the starting board! She, Mr. Mike, Mrs. Kathy, and Wesley all measured and and thought about designs. When we decided on one they drew out the design with perfect measureme and then Mr. Mike worked his saw magic.

After the cutting was complete, Hollie got busy with the foam.

Then came the hard part! Of course I would want a patterned headboard, which is a booger to put on a headboard (especially one with an arch). Here are Mr. Mike, Hollie, and Wesley making sure the pattern is perfect. This seriously took the majority of the time. Mr. Mike was going to be SURE this pattern lined up perfectly. AND.........................

IT DID! PERFECTION. I am getting the things to hang it on the wall this week. So here is my bedding finished! Now onto curtains and pictures for the walls. THANK YOU so much to Hollie, Mr. Mike, Mrs. Kathy and Wesley for giving your Saturday up for my guest bedroom!