Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wow...time flies!

I apologize for my lack of blogs lately but I am swamped with work! I am taking 3 college courses right now and planning to teach Advanced Placement Biology next year, all while trying to be the best mommy I can be! Only 2 more classes and I will have my Education Specialist Degree....whoo hoo.  Here are some pictures from Jude's journey from 8 months to 9 months old. He turned 9 months old on yesterday and his personality just keeps getting better each day.  In the picture below you can see just how awesome he is!

 This is Jude on his 8 month birthday.  He loves everybody and does not meet a stranger.  He loves attention and will entertain you just to hear you laugh (I have no clue where he gets that from).  Here is is growling at me!

 This is Jude on Father's Day.  He was watching golf on tv, making Daddy proud.

 Most of you know Shane farms watermelons.  June was a very busy month and most of it was spent at the packing shed.  Here is Jude sitting in a bin of watermelons.  So sweet!

Here is my precious angel sleeping.  Why he sleeps with his arms up I have no clue!

 He loves bath time.
Here he is on July 4th, which was his 9 month birthday.  We are so blessed!

Have a great weekend!