Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nashville TN = good food, good friends, and great times!

MLK weekend Shane and I along with our friends Greg and Katie Joyner took a trip to Nashville TN. I will say that I laughed so hard I was sore for days! Being with those two really do a body good........well they do my spirit body gained a whopping 5 pounds in those 3 days. We stayed in a condo right in downtown and the first morning scoped out this awesome place to eat. When we got there there was a line all the way around the corner and we were starved. As we were walking off some vandy students stopped us and said this is normal and I promise its worth the wait. So we waited! Let's just say the wait was well worth it and its a good thing that I didn't go to vandy or live in Nashville! I would weight 500 pounds. The food was absolutely delicious. I had the sausage and cheese omlet with goat cheese, and 3 pancakes! (this was pre-diet).

It was honestly the most amazing breakfast I have ever tasted! You can tell.....
After this we took a trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame, and guess what they had my IDOL on display!!! Yay for Tammy Wynette. They had an exhibit just for her and I was soo excited. (sorry for the picture quality bless my husbands heart)

I just love her!

Now, I am not much of a hall of fame or museum person but this place was awesome! We stayed in there for 3 hours just looking and reading about the history of country music as well as information on all the stars past and present. We saw Elvis' solid gold cadillac and he had a TV in it back then!! I highly recommend going if you ever get the chance.

We then headed downtown, still full from our brunch. First stop, the STAGE, where Country Strong was filmed.

All of us at the stage. Here Greg tried to sing along as loud as he could in hopes he would get discovered!

After a few cocktails it was time to head to the Ryman to hear some of our all time favorites.

First up, Joe Diffie! I know he is old, but oh he was good back in the day! "In John Deere Green, on a hot summer night..." you know you are singing along now! :)

Next up.....Charlie Pride!

And last, the queen of rockabilly, Wanda Jackson (who none of us had ever heard of), with Jack White. She is very old but good and he was AWESOME!

From here, we went back out and I sang karaoke! We then got supper at 11:00! During supper Jamie Lynn Spears walks in. I was not impressed! She was nice, but totally thought people (other than me) were going to start recognizing her. I hated to burst her bubble but I had to go talk to her bc no one else in my group thought it was her...bc nobody cares! We only want to see Brit Brit duh!
Day 2.....another day of finding an AWESOME place to eat. The famous Loveless Cafe.

This is where the famous "biscuit lady" worked up until her death. The restaurant has been featured on Oprah, Conan, Jay Leno, David Letterman, you name it. Once again the wait was atrocious but well worth it. I had fried chicken, mac and cheese, greens, and fried okra, along with homeade biscuit! MMM MMM good.

From here we went to the parthenon replica that is right in the middle of Nashville. We were going to get out but we were so full we could not move so we just rode around it.

Later that night we went to the Wild Horse Saloon and got our picture made with this little lady.

And this picture pretty much sums up our trip!

Later that night we went to Demo's steak and spaghetti house. I know a weird combo but it was highly recommended. Once again we lucked up in the food department. I had brown butter spaghetti with mushrooms and grilled chicken. Then it was off to bed.
Great weekend and I am ready to go at it again.....but of course I have to save up a lot of diet splurges!

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