Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Want to look HOT???

Ok remember one of my New Year's Hopes was to eat better and get healthier??? Well while working out at the gym the other day, the owner tried to convince me to quit running and let him train me for 8 weeks.... HIS WAY! I was adamant that I would NOT quit running, I just got cleared to start back. I then proceeded to tell him that I needed to lose 8 lbs and lifting weights and doing things his way would not work on my body (I mean what does he know he is only a certified trainer and the OWNER of a gym!). He told me to go home and read this book and then let him know on Monday (that was yesterday but hey I have been "iced in") if I would accept his challenge.
After I started reading I could NOT put it down. It made me realize why all through college I would run and do the elliptical or aerobics classes but I would NEVER lose weight or if I did it was only 3-5 lbs. This book has really inspired me to eat clean and accept Jamie's challenge. If any of you want to look fit and be healthy I recommend this book to anyone. It is NOT a diet book it is simply a way to change your body. My favorite point in the book is, when we go on diets to lose weight but we don't lift weights we only become a skinnier version of our old body, we don't CHANGE anything! I would post before pics of me in workout shorts and sports bra but I am just not that brave. Please say a prayer that I can eat clean and in 4 weeks I will put up pictures to see if you can tell a difference. Until then....see ya later running, HELLO Fit Female!


  1. GOOD LUCK! Let me know how that goes....and let me know how good that nutter butter tastes on week 3! Just kidding i know you can do it!

  2. Ha ha no worries...I would NEVER have started this if it didn't allow Nutter Butters! I have to follow eating clean 90% of the time, that leaves 10% for Nutter butters!!! I will definitely let you know....