Monday, January 3, 2011

My hopes for 2011...

So I NEVER do New Year's Resolutions, because let's face it they rarely ever last. I read somewhere that most resolutions fail because people do not have a plan of action to succeed. This year I made HOPES. My hopes for 2011 are....
To see these guys have a much better season! Go DAWGS!! To run another one of these....and maybe a triathlon.

To start practicing yoga or pilates (maybe by December of 2011 I can do this!!).

My last ones are to be more optimistic and develop a better relationship with God! A baby somewhere in the mix wouldn't be so bad either ;). Happy New Year!!

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  1. Jenna, you should try Hot Yoga! It's wonderful - especially for someone like me (NOT flexible at all!). My studio has 75-minute classes and 90-minute classes. You are literally dripping wet after but totally worth it. Happy New Year!