Thursday, December 23, 2010

My adopted children!

Most of you know that I teach high school, and I do love my job! My family and I have adopted some of my students and we are trying our hardest to show them what life is like outside of Cordele. We have watched them grow and change so much in the past few months and have enjoyed every minute of it! They go to church with us every Sunday and love playing with my nieces and nephews (and riding the golf cart!). A few Fridays ago I wanted to take them out of town to eat and teach them how to use manners, etc. Another teacher wanted to go too! We told them that we were taking them to Albany to eat and they were thrilled. One of them later came and told me that he had never been to a restaurant where you had waitresses, I was so shocked because I never imagined that. Below are some pictures of our night. We took them to Little Tokyo in Albany and they were amazed that your food was cooked right in front of you. I did not warn them about the fire, they all threw themselves back and yelled "whoa!" They were eager to see what was ahead after this.
Here is the crew, Michael, Van, Taz, and Curtis (standing). They had never eaten japanese food and they LOVED it! I even got them to try sushi (not so good!).

Here is when Michael had just tried sushi and Van was trying Wasabi. SO funny!

This is Mrs. Fields and I with our "babies!" If you can't tell they TOWER over us but they are still our babies. My husband, better known as "Mr. Shane" was along for the trip and finally realized why I teach. He understood how I get so attached to the kids and for the first time realized how much we take for granted. These students have taught me so much about life and I am truly grateful that God has placed me in the teaching profession. If you ever have a chance to mentor someone please take the time to do it. No matter if they are in elementary, middle, high school you really can make a difference!

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