Monday, December 6, 2010

I bringing 80s back!

This weekend my friend Kelley had her husband a 30th birthday party with an 80s theme. We were all so pumped about it and went all out for our outfits (Goodwill here we come!). I was really scared that everyone would not dress up....but not ONE person did not get out their 80s gear (including the parents). We had an amazing time laughing at everyone and dancing the night away to Tiffani and Debbie Gibson...
I think this may be my Christmas card...can you spot Chester the molester???
Ok so Shane and Lee got so into the dress up night they actually grew mustaches! Their costumes were pretty awesome and everyone kept telling Lee that he looked like a creepy child molester. So in perfect Lee fashion, he walked around all night giving all the ladies hershey kisses!

Can you say HOT!

The best dressed female costume is coming soon......

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