Friday, July 29, 2011

Beach Summer 2011

So far my summer has been full of beach trips.....not complaining about the beach only the beach body! Here we are in Madeira Beach at John's Pass. Shane is so excited about this baby. 27 week bump....or entity or whatever you want to call it! I am definitely not the cute pregnant girl that only gains in her belly, I have gained EVERYWHERE.

Me with my mother and sister, they are both so excited.

Hope this picture doesn't offend anyone. This was taken this week at Daytona Beach with Shane's family. They have a place there and have been going every year since he was a child. He took this picture so we can show the baby its first trip to Daytona. I am 30 weeks.

Side view, the water makes it look a lot smaller from the side!

Shane wanted me to put this picture up because its his proof that I am giving the baby melanoma..he is not right. He does not like for me to tan my belly because he is scared its hurting the baby, he is so cute. We are counting down the days. I have 70 days left until my sweet baby is due.

Stay tuned..I will post pictures of my newly re-done nursery tomorrow!

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