Monday, April 25, 2011

It's almost time.....

In 8 more days I will be giving my babies away. I am NOT looking forward to this at all. Since they were born I have bottle fed, gotten up in the middle of the night to feed, played with them, and even snuggled with them all. They each have such wonderful little personalities and it is killing me to give them up. I begged Shane to keep them all but let's get real, can anybody keep 9 dogs???? I am still working on him to keep 1 or 2...I will let you know how that goes. Please pardon my looks but I had to show you how sweet this baby boy is! Out of 7 puppies this is the only boy.

Look at the fat little face (no not mine).

Who could turn down that cuteness??? Any of you looking for a puppy? I am being very selective. I have already turned down like 13 people. My first question.."will you be keeping the dogs inside for the first month?" followed up by "do you have a LARGE fenced in area that you will keep them in?". If they don't pass the test they don't get the pup! Insane much??

Hope each of you had a Happy Easter!

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