Sunday, April 17, 2011

Puppies 5 15 weeks!

Here are SOMe of the puppies... I will post more pictures tomorrow. They are 5 weeks old today and are absolutely adorable. This is the only boy here. He is spoiled rotten. This is green and pink asleep. I call them colors because they all have different color collars so I can keep up with them!
This is black asleep. She is the sweetest puppy ever. She is so lazy and loves to cuddle.
This is purple, Shane's baby.
Orange or MJ, I call her MJ because she looks just like Memphis (Memphis Junior).
Can you tell why purple is Shane's baby????
Here is the Memphis!

Mama Della. As messy as they are and as expensive they are, I am not ready to give them away. They have become my babies and I have spoiled them rotten. I am going to have a hard time seeing them leave!

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