Saturday, February 12, 2011

My decor inspiration!

So I am in major decorating mode. For those of you who know me, I am not creative in ANY way but blogging has given me total inspiration. I have turned into a decorating junkie. I am constantly looking in magazines and stalking blogs and here are some of my inspiration pictures. I am starting with my guest bedroom. My room is not quite this yellow its more khaki but I LOVE the clean, crisp look of the bedspread with the bright window shades.

I also LOVE the navy headboard in this picture, but I think I want a pattern. I LOVE the bench/table/ whatever you call it at the end of the bed. I think I want to go with a navy headboard for my room.

This picture is my FAVORITE EVER!! I am OBSESSED and thanks to my personal interior expert Hollie Hill she has helped me get this in my guest room! We are busy working and the progress is SOOOO exciting. I will be posting pictures soon! If you have any ideas of where to look for stuff similar to these pictures let me know.

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