Friday, July 2, 2010

Memphis' New Girlfriend

I am a dog LOVER! We have a beautiful little chocolate lab named Memphis who really does not know he is a dog. He is NEVER left alone, gets carried like a baby, and sleeps in the bed (he is 65 pounds). He rides the tractor with Shane and never leaves our sights. He is the most awesome little man in the world. He has though turned in to a man, thinking with the wrong brain if you know what I mean. Being a good mother I thought we should get him a girlfriend. This is the girlfriend I found for him. She is a silver lab and is absolutely precious. We would build a fence in the backyard so we could leave them home some and Memphis would have a playmate. She is kind of pricey because they are rare so I am in the process of begging my husband. I mean afterall we could breed her and make money...we would basically pimp our dog! Oh well just wanted you guys to see the little girl. Leave suggestions for names! I will let you know when we get her!

1 comment:

  1. oh my cutest thing EVER!!! why dont you call her SILVER!