Sunday, July 25, 2010

Learning how to DIY!

The blogging world has sucked me in! I find myself searching for Do It Yourself ideas on blogs way too much, but they have inspired me. I have NEVER been one to attempt anything artistic, I mean my middle school art teacher told me if I wanted to keep a good GPA I best not take art in high school! But I put my big girl panties on (called Hollie) and decided that I could do this. I am taking on finishing and organizing Shane's upstairs room as well as organizing and decorating one of my downstairs bedrooms. I first wanted to paint this old tv console white to match the room. I posted the pics backward so you can see my finished project first! I am way too proud of myself ha!

My finished tv console!
This is after I primed the console..

I had a little nephews were so pumped about helping me! My oldest nephew (Myles) has grown up so much and he kept saying "JJ I am doing this right, I will make sure Jackson does not mess this up so it will look good up here." He was so proud when we got done...he said "man this looks too good." Oh I just love them!

This is the tv console before. I sanded, primed, and painted it all by myself (ok with some help from my nephews).
I also put up my bookshelf that Hollie and I got at IKEA. I will post pics of that tomorrow!

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