Friday, June 25, 2010

Great Exuma Islands- Rhodes/Joyner Vacation

AMAZING...thats what this place is! Shane and I left last Friday morning with a great couple friend (Greg and Katie Joyner) and headed to the Great Exuma Island, Bahamas. We were so excited about going and getting to spend time together, and the guys were even more excited because the were getting to go BONEFISHING. We knew this place was going to be pretty but we did not expect it to be PERFECT! We had butler's wait on us hand and foot....can you say HEAVEN. Here are some pics, hope you enjoy!!

Greg, "Did I just get shat on?" The islanders said getting pooped on is a sign that money is coming your way!!

What the butlers would bring us on the beach. Margaritas and bud light, and around lunchtime they would bring sandwiches. The cell phone is our personal cell to our butler. Everyone at the resort has their own butler and it is their job to make you happy. It was weird at first, but after about 10 minutes I got used to it!

Isn't it Gorgeous!! We would lay on the beach until about one and then go get a cabana and a float and stay in the pool until about 6:30. The bartenders at the swim up bar knew us by name...:)

The ocean....the water is breathtaking.

I will post more pics tomorrow. The internet in good ole Pitts just can't handle too much! I highly recommend this place for a vacation spot. The guys can fish and the girls can relax. Katie and I had a spa day that was amazing. It is called Sandals Emerald Bay. It used to be the Four Seasons so you know its nice. The rates are really cheap right now because it just opened!

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