Sunday, June 27, 2010

Best week EVER!!

I had the best week ever this week! Sunday through Tuesday I was still on vacation in the Bahamas. These are some pics of my precious husband and his prize bonefish. I am so sick of hearing about bonefish but am so happy that he had fun... This is my most favorite picture, he had just hung his first bonefish! How precious??
Once we returned from vacation I relaxed and then this weekend I had a blast spending time with my husbands family. We were at Shane's grandmothers this weekend when I took this picture. It really made me smile because not many people are fortunate enough to have a "Daddy Rich." He still absolutely adores these boys and came swimming with us. They played and played like they were teenagers and he was still 30! Oh how grateful we are.

Then on Saturday I ran the Loop the Lake with Kim and Nicky! So good to see them. I told Nicky how happy I was that he was blogging now.

Now I am on the couch watching True Blood = Best show ever! Oh I love my life! Praise Jesus!

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