Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

This weekend Shane and I headed to Athens to celebrate our anniversary with friends, fun, and football. Our first date was to the Tennessee/GA game 4 years ago and we LOST so we were hoping for a better outcome and we got it! One of my bestest friends, Ashley let us stay in her apartment with my little Triton while they went to a wedding in Florida :(. On Friday night we went to dinner at Speakeasy with Hollie, Wesley, Maggie, and Dave. Dave pulled a fast one on us and ordered one of every special....we were so confused!

On Saturday we headed to tailgate with Greg and Katie and some more of Shane's friends from college. One couple had their precious 9 month old little boy there and within about 2 hours we had counted NUMEROUS reasons why we should not have babies.
Reason number 1= We listened to and sang C-Lo's new song about 50 times.
Skip to reason number 100- we LOVED playing with the baby carrier.....
The tailgate was not totally obnoxious, there were SOME moments of maturity.

Shawn and Dannielle came to join us!

Our white chocolate fondue at Speakeasy....yummmy

I will post more pics of the dance contest next.....

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